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On, we aim to bring you a comprehensive guide to everything casino and gambling-related. Whether it’s sports betting, casino gambling or deposit and payment methods, you can find analysis for it all right here. There are plenty of online gambling sites on the internet and they all offer something different. Some only offer an online sportsbook feature, allowing users to solely gamble on sport, while others specifically provide an online casino service, allowing players to play their favourite casino games online. Gambling and betting sites have never been more accessible, especially with the reliance placed on the use of the internet. Our aim is to find out which are the best gambling sites available online and there are many factors that we’ve used to determine this, including those mentioned above.

There are two types of casino gambling site available. The first type is web-based, where players can enjoy the games without having to download software to their computer. The other is a gambling site that requires users to download software in order to wager on the games provided. Downloadable gambling sites offer the same kind of deposit bonuses as those which are web-based and many believe that they are superior to those which require the internet, as they are faster and the graphics are improved, considering there is no internet loading time.

Plenty of sportsbooks and online casino sites give out offers when new customers sign up. These can include deposit bonuses, free bets or boosted odds when players make their first bet on a sport. Gamblers are spoiled for choice when it comes to online betting sites and at, our aim is to steer players in the right direction and to provide information that’ll help bettors to enjoy their experience and hopefully win plenty of rewards.

What do you think of when you think of an online casino?

When you think of a casino, you’re probably thinking about a building in Las Vegas, with bright lights, music and tourist attractions nearby. Inside the casino, you’re thinking of gambling games, with players taking part in games of chance, wagering lots of money and surrounding the tables, cheering each other on. Las Vegas is almost synonymous with the casino industry, particularly when it comes to films and other media, which regularly portrays casino scenes, with players betting on certain events happening, like whether the roulette ball will land on red or black, or whether the roll of dice will result in an odd or even total.

An online casino doesn’t come with the same sounds and smells as Las Vegas or any other famous casino resort, but it does allow players to enjoy online casino games from wherever they like. The concept of the online casino has grown in popularity as technology has developed, with plenty of players now signing up to take advantage of the bonuses on offer, in addition to the ability to play from wherever they like, whenever they like, as long as they have an internet connection. Furthermore, there are plenty of sports betting sites that are now taking advantage of casino players, and are therefore setting up their own casino online, in an attempt to appeal to those who may not be as keen on sport as they are on casino games. Such has been the increase in popularity of online gambling, that high street bookies like NetBet and William Hill have now turned themselves into high-quality online operators.

What is a Sportsbook?

A sportsbook is simply a place where people can gamble on sport. Betting on sport is a popular pastime worldwide, with bettors enjoying horse racing and football in particular. However, the betting habits of players change depending on where they are. Horse racing and football are two of the most popular sports that gamblers bet on, but others may prefer tennis, boxing or golf.

In the UK, high street bookies are particularly noticeable, with betFIRST and Betfair having stores up and down the country, but like the casino platform, high street operators are now transferring their sportsbooks online in an attempt to take advantage of the fast-moving gambling industry. Betting online in the UK has become an exceptionally lucrative market, with billions wagered on an annual basis and this is only going to increase as more players take advantage of some of the welcome bonus offers handed out by online bookmakers.

It’s not just real sports that people can bet on now, but there are also new types of online sports being created, known as virtual sports. Virtual sports are essentially animated versions of a sporting event and bettors can predict what they think will happen next. Will a player score a goal? Which horse or greyhound will win the race? Which car will win the virtual race? Online sports betting is entering a new realm thanks to advanced technology and online bookmakers are starting to take advantage of this.

What other factors go into making a good online gambling platform?

While having plenty of casino games and sports to wager on is important, there is more to it than that. At, we want to help you identify other things that go into making a good bookmaker or betting site. For example, before even placing a bet or playing a game, you must make a real money deposit. Deposit methods are important from both a security point of view and a user-friendly perspective. Many players deposit directly from their debit cards, but there are now other payment methods available, including e-wallets and PayPal, which may be more appealing to users.

Furthermore, customer service is becoming an important factor when choosing which bookmaker or casino to play at. Many players experience problems with betting, whether it’s from a technical point of view or just a general enquiry and it’s important that these are resolved. Gambling sites now take great pride in providing good customer service as an attempt to attract new customers to their gambling platform.