9 Casino Table Game Etiquette Tips

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If you’re a newbie to table games, taking a seat can be a daunting experience – especially if you’re unsure of the rules. While the dealer will be happy to explain the rules of the game, there are some unwritten rules of behaviour that gamblers abide by. Learning these before your visit will ensure you avoid irritating other gamblers with bad manners. In this article, we explore 9 casino table game etiquette tips to help you avoid embarrassment.

  1. Learn How to Play Before Your Visit

    Although the dealer will be happy to explain the rules of the game to you, the other players may not be. Explaining the rules of the game wastes time and other gamblers may start to become impatient and frustrated. Today, there is no excuse for not understanding the basic rules of any casino game. With the entire internet at your disposal, spend some time researching the rules before your visit. That being said, the dealer shouldn’t have a problem with reminding you of the basic rules throughout the game – after all, it is their job.

  2. Know When to Purchase Your Chips

    Another thing to learn before taking a seat is when to buy your chips. Most casinos have specific proce-dures for handling and purchasing your chips, so ensure to educate yourself on these before getting started. Generally, your chips should be purchased at the table by laying your money down instead of handing it directly to the dealer. Before exchanging your cash for chips the dealer will wait until the result of the last bet. This means that you must wait patiently for the dice to stop rolling, the wheel to stop spinning, or the last player to show their hand. Typically, you can’t bet whilst the game is in progress any-way, so waiting until the end of the game shouldn’t be too difficult.

  3. Know Whether You Can Touch the Cards

    Knowing whether you can touch the playing cards is also important. Generally, this depends on the way that the cards are dealt. Regardless of what game you are playing, the cards will typically be dealt either face up or face down. If the cards are dealt face up, don’t touch them! If the cards are dealt face down then you can touch them, but it’s important to only use one hand. Touching cards that are face up will not only irritate other players, but it could also get you removed from the game for cheating.

  4. Drink Responsibly

    While many gamblers enjoy an alcoholic beverage during their visit, it’s important to drink responsibly. The casino staff do not enjoy dealing with sloppy drunks and will have no problem with removing you from the establishment before you cause an issue. Additionally, being too drunk will compromise your decision making during the game. This can result in silly mistakes being made that could have been avoid-ed if you remained sober.

  5. Keep Your Opinions to Yourself

    During the game, try to keep your opinions on how to play to yourself. Even if you don’t agree with how your opponents are playing, just let them get on with it. Unless, of course, they are cheating. In which case you should inform the dealer immediately.

  6. Don’t Ask the Others How to Play Your Hand

    If you’re playing a table game, it is considered rude to ask for advice on how to play your hand. You shouldn’t be showing your cards to any other players or the dealer, so asking for advice is a big no-no. To avoid making a fool of yourself, research some gambling strategies before your visit so you can make the decision yourself.

  7. Remember to Tip

    During your visit, it is common courtesy to tip the dealer and the waitresses. Whenever you are brought a drink, it’s considered good manners to tip the waitress at least one pound. If you’re feeling generous, start off by giving a five-pound tip and give one pound for every subsequent drink. When it comes to tip-ping the dealer, you should try to tip at least two pounds an hour. Remember that bad luck is not the dealer’s fault, so continue to tip to avoid looking like a bad loser.

  8. Leave the Table Before Counting Your Money
    Regardless of which game you’re playing, it’s considered rude to count your money whilst sitting at the table. If you want to count your chips, that’s fine. Just wait until the game is over to count your cash.

  9. Don’t Slow the Game Down

    The final etiquette tip is to not do anything to slow the game down. Whether that is taking too long to place your bet, expecting the dealer to keep reminding you of the rules, or chatting unnecessarily whilst others are waiting for you, don’t do it! Keep your opponents sweet by being efficient.

In Summary

As long as you know the basic rules, you should have no problem with table games during your next casi-no visit. Hopefully, the etiquette tips above will allow you to begin the game knowing the unspoken rules and avoid irritating your opponents. Although some gamblers still enjoy using land-based casinos, others prefer to gamble online, instead. When using an online casino, there is less expectation when it comes to good manners. While some of the etiquette tips still apply, others can be disregarded as your opponents can’t physically see you.

With online casinos rising in numbers, it can be difficult to decide which one to play at. Thankfully, we are here to help! At casinobet.com, we review a wide range of casinos and games so that we can give you an idea of the best ones to use. Better still, we always take into account the promotions that are offered to help you get the most for your money. Many casinos reward regular players with generous bonuses, free bets, and huge jackpots. As always, it’s important to consider your financial situation before using a physi-cal or online casino. However, If you’ve got some spare cash, why not put the etiquette tips to use with a luck-based table game.

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