Dice Control vs. Dice Sliding in Craps

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During a game of craps, the casino usually has an edge over players. However, there are certain ways that players can lower the house advantage to make the game a little fairer. One of the ways to do this is by making odds bets. These types of bets pay at true odds of winning, meaning that the house edge is kept to a minimum. However, the advantage is not removed completely when using odds bets. Before having access to the odds, you will need to make either a pass line or don’t pass line bet. This means that the ca-sino still has an advantage over the player.

Thankfully, other advantage play methods can be used in craps such as controlled shooting and dice slid-ing. Currently, both of these techniques are popular amongst craps gamblers. But which is better? In this article, we explore the strategies in more detail and discuss which one should be used in order to win big.

What is Dice Sliding?

To use a standard roll in craps, you must throw the dice across a table so that they hit the back wall. This type of throw is required in most casinos as it produces completely random results so there can be no cheating involved. Dice sliding differs to the standard roll in that you’re not throwing the dice across the table; instead, the dice are slid towards the back wall.

The main problem with this technique is that no casino permits dice sliding. To roll legitimately, the dice must be thrown towards the back wall. However, this doesn’t mean that the dice always have to hit the back wall. As long as the casino staff feel as though you have made a legitimate attempt to throw the dice, the roll should be accepted. Many casinos allow some throws where one of the two dice slides down the table, rather than rolls. This means that many players get away with dice sliding even though it’s not technically allowed.

Pros and Cons

One of the best things about dice sliding is the level of control it gives players. Skilled gamblers can make huge profits from using the technique – providing they’re not caught. Another great thing about dice slid-ing is that it’s fairly easy to use. Unlike other advantage methods, the technique doesn’t require players to master complicated skills. To use the strategy, all you need to do is slide the dice down the table so that it stops near the back wall.

The biggest downside of dice sliding is that it’s not technically allowed. If you get caught using the tech-nique you may be removed from the casino, or worse, face law enforcement. Unfortunately, dice sliding is pretty easy to catch. When you’re sliding the dice your hand will remain low, whereas when you’re throwing the dice your hand will be high. Another problem with the technique is that it can be hard to get the timing correct. Although the principle of sliding the dice is simple, pulling it off without getting caught may be more difficult.

What is Controlled Shooting?

Controlled shooting, also known as dice control, is the technique of throwing the dice in a consistent manner. With a standard craps roll, the outcome of the dice is completely random. Players that use con-trolled shooting aim to limit the randomness by getting the same numbers each time.

The best way to achieve this is by holding the dice in a certain way before throwing them. This process is known as ‘setting’. When you do roll the dice, lightly throw them so that they barely touch the back wall. When used correctly, this technique can control the results of the throw.

Pros and Cons

The best thing about dice control is that casinos allow it. Unlike other advantage methods, you won’t be removed from the casino for using the technique. This allows players to spend time setting the dice and tossing them without the fear of getting caught. As the strategy is allowed, players can make as much money as possible without being asked to leave. Another great thing about dice control is that it’s fun to use. Unlike other methods, good dice control can be achieved through regular practice.

The biggest downside of dice control is that there is no proof that the strategy works. The idea was first talked about by gambling authors such as Frank Scoblete and Chris Pawlicki. Since coming up with the dice control technique, the authors have made money from selling books and courses to gamblers. While some craps players swear by the technique, others believe that the results are inconclusive. If controlled shooting really worked, why would casinos allow it? Another downside to dice control is that it takes time to learn. Gamblers need to spend hours perfecting their roll before using it in a real casino.

Which is Better?

In this article, we have compared dice sliding and dice control to see which technique is best. As you can see, there are good and bad points to each strategy. Many players prefer dice sliding because there is proof that it actually works. However, the fact that it is illegal is a definite downside and can make the technique hard to use. While you won’t be arrested if the dice slide seems accidental, you can get into serious trouble if you’re caught using the technique on purpose.

Dice control, on the other hand, can be used in almost every casino. Players can spend time setting the dice and taking the roll, as long as they end up close to the back wall. However, some gamblers believe that dice control is only permitted because there is no proof that it works. So, while the strategy is legal, it is unlikely to bring in any serious cash. With this in mind, deciding which technique is best is down to per-sonal preference.

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