Different Reasons Why a Casino Can Kick You Out

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Everyone likes to have fun in the casino. At the end of the week, there’s nothing better than having a few drinks and unwinding with your friends. However, it doesn’t take much for the casino to ask you to leave. In this article, we explore the different reasons why a casino can kick you out so that you know what to avoid.

Abusing the Welcome Bonus

A casino may ask you to leave if you’re abusing the welcome bonus. This type of offer is dedicated to new players only, and a player can only be new at a certain casino once. Despite knowing the rules, some players are tempted to cheat the system and benefit from the welcome bonus multiple times. This is particularly true with online casinos. Some gamblers create multiple new accounts using different email addresses or phone numbers in an attempt to be seen as a new player. Interestingly, this is one of the fastest ways to get your account banned. If the casino catches you, not only will they ban your new account, but they’ll also ban your existing account. No matter how hard you try to conceal your ID, online casinos can track it. If you’re a fan of bonuses and promotions, look for a reload deal or become a regular member of the casino. This way, you can still enjoy the bonuses without risking your reputation.

Being Unruly

Another sure way to be removed from a casino is being unruly. In 2009, NBA player Allen Iverson was kicked out of two casinos for improper behaviour. According to the Detroit News, Iverson was removed from the casino for being a sore loser and throwing his chips at the dealer. Additionally, he’s said to have been disruptive, loud, and rude to casino staff. If this can happen to a gambling legend, it could definitely happen to you! In a physical casino, security will escort you off the premises and may even ban you permanently from the casino. If you’re using an online casino, the moderators will have no problem with kicking you off!


As this category is huge, you need to be careful not to fall into it. A number of winning strategies, including card counting in blackjack, are seen as cheating in the eyes of the casino. Any other suspicious betting behaviour could also get you into trouble, so make sure you’re careful! It’s worth keeping in mind that the casino doesn’t have to prove they’re right before kicking you out. If they suspect you’re cheating, they can turf you out with no real proof. As online casinos are often used for money laundering, they have software to keep track of unusual activities. If you’re getting constant big wins or making large deposits without placing any bets, they’re likely to ask you to leave.

Underage Gambling

On the UK gambling scene, underage betting is becoming a problem. Physical casinos have staff on the door to ID younger looking players, but this isn’t the case when gambling online. While the law states that under 18’s should not have access to online casinos, people find ways around this. According to the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the number of underaged players has increased drastically in the last two years. Because of this, many casinos are tightening the belt when it comes to proving your age. To avoid getting banned for life, wait until you’re 18 to enjoy online or physical casinos.

Using a Camera

Using a camera in the casino can also get you kicked out. If you’re just taking a picture of yourself and your friends, the staff will probably just ask you to put your camera away. However, they may ask you to leave if you’re recording any sort of gameplay. In the past, people have used hidden cameras to cheat at casino games. For this reason, the staff are hot on all types of recording device.

Past Posting

Past posting, or late betting, is another way to be removed from the casino. Past posting is best explained as a bet that is placed or increased after acquiring knowledge of the outcome of the game. To avoid doing this accidentally, make sure all bets are placed before the game begins.

Hand Mucking

Hand mucking, or card switching, is when a player switches out cards for ones hidden up their sleeve. Cheaters will use sleight of hand tactics to switch the cards and increase their win. Today, it’s not only professionals that get involved with hand mucking. Holdout devices created specifically for hand mucking can be picked up online, meaning that anybody can get involved with the scam. With this in mind, casino staff lookout for suspicious behaviour. To avoid getting thrown out, keep your gameplay fair and square!

In Summary

As you can see, there are many different reasons why a casino can kick you out. The worst part is, they don’t need to provide any real proof that you’re breaking the rules. To avoid making the staff suspicious, be wary of your behaviour and follow the rules when using a casino or playing online.

With so many online casinos available, it can be difficult to decide which one to use. Thankfully, we are here to help. At casinobet.com, we review a wide range of casinos and games so that we can let you know which ones are best. Additionally, we take into account any bonuses and promotions to help you get the most for your money. Due to the addictive nature of gambling, it’s important to consider your financial situation before using a physical or online casino.

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