Different Variations of online blackjack

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Traditional blackjack has been popular for centuries. While many years ago you would have had to make your way to a land-based casino to play, the recent creation of online casinos has made blackjack more accessible than ever before. With new casinos popping up every day, many online card rooms are offering new games to get ahead of their competitors. One of the most popular additions seems to be different variations of blackjack. While the basic rules of each variant are similar to traditional blackjack, each game offers a unique twist to draw customers in. In this article, we explore the different variations of blackjack online.

Super Fun 21

In Super Fun 21, a round of betting takes place before any cards are dealt. Unlike traditional blackjack, in this variation players can double, surrender, hit, or stand on any two cards.

Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is also known as Spanish Blackjack. In this variant, all 10 cards are removed to leave a deck of 48. Additional payouts are also up for grabs; for instance, players can receive one if they get a seven card 21.

Double Exposure Blackjack

In Double Exposure Blackjack, the first two cards given to the dealer are dealt face up.

Blackjack Switch

In Blackjack Switch, each player is given two different hands, and one card from each can be switched. In this game, blackjack pays even money.

Vegas Strip

When playing Vegas Strip, the dealer must check for blackjack if he shows an ace. This must be done before players take their turn. In this variant, players can double down with both cards, regardless of their starting score. Players are allowed to split three times throughout the game, and double down after each split; however, they are only permitted to split once after drawing an ace.


One of the better-known variants of the game, Pontoon is popular in Australia and Asia. This game is similar to Spanish 21, as all 10 cards are removed from the deck. In Pontoon, the dealer has no hole card. Additionally, the dealer’s second card is not shown until the end of the round.

Multiple Action Blackjack

n Multiple Action Blackjack, players are permitted to place a series of bets of a single hand. However, the dealer then receives a hand for each bet made by the player.

Chinese Blackjack

Most commonly played in Asia, Chinese Blackjack is a unique variant of the game. In this version, all hands must reach at least 16 before the game concludes. Additionally, the dealer is permitted to reveal players hands and then hit again before settling other bets, if he so wishes. The rules of Chinese Blackjack differ quite dramatically to those of the traditional game, so it’s important to understand the rules before beginning.

Double Attack

In Double Attack, blackjacks pay even money. However, each player may increase their bet after the dealer reveals his up card.

21st Century Blackjack

When playing 21st Century Blackjack, a player bust doesn’t necessarily result in a loss. This is the case if the dealer goes bust at the same time. This variant is also referred to as Vegas Style Blackjack.

Perfect Pairs

In Perfect Pairs, players are permitted to make a side bet where they can win if their first two cards make a pair. This game is similar to another variant known as European Blackjack.

Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City Blackjack is similar to the variant known as Vegas Strip. In this game, players may double down on any two cards. Additionally, players are allowed to double after a split. If the dealer has an ace as his up card, he then takes all bets on a blackjack.

Match Play 21

In Match Play 21, all of the 10 cards are removed from the game. Players may split up to three hands and double down on two different cards. Hands containing certain cards may qualify for special payouts; for instance, if the dealer’s up card is a seven and a player contains a hand with three sevens, they will be entitled to a blackjack payout at 40 to 1.

In Summary

If you’re looking for a game of traditional blackjack with a unique twist, the above variations of blackjack may be just the thing. As most of the variants use similar rules to the traditional game, most players will be able to pick up the game in minutes. If you’re a blackjack novice, though, don’t worry! Most online casinos will include a detailed set of rules for each game. As long as you read the rules carefully before beginning, you shouldn’t have any problems. One of the best things about playing online is the ability to set the pace of the game. If you’re in a hurry you can enjoy a fast-paced game in a matter of minutes, or if you’ve got time to kill you can take things a little slower. Additionally, many online blackjack games can be played on your smartphone or tablet, meaning that you can even participate when on the go!

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