How to Play Slot Tournaments

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For many gamblers, slot gaming is a solo event in which you compete against the house. However, other people enjoy playing slot tournaments, which allow you to compete against other players for prize money. If you play slots regularly, they can become slightly repetitive. Slot tournaments allow you to switch things up and take a break from the typical drill of playing against the house. Better still, they offer the chance for you to win big. If you want to learn more about slot tournaments, keep reading. In this article, we discuss exactly what they are, how they work, and how to get involved.

Types of Slot Machine Tournament

There are three main types of slot tournament: Buy-in, Freeroll, and VIP. Below, we discuss these in more detail.


As the name suggests, buy-in tournaments require you to pay a buy-in fee. Typically, this cash will be split between the prize pool and the casino. The great thing about buy-in tournaments is that they’re usually bigger than other types of event. In some cases, buy-in tournaments have prize pools worth six figures!


A freeroll slot tournament doesn’t require a cash entry fee. Freerolls can be broken down into two categories: no entry fee and buy-in with loyalty points.

No entry fee: Slot tournaments of this nature require no entry free whatsoever. The great thing about this is anybody can get involved, regardless of your bankroll or loyalty status. This is perfect for gamblers who are trying to build a bankroll but don’t have any cash or loyalty points to use. To get involved in this type of tournament, you usually have to register with the casino before playing. This is particularly true when playing online. In almost every online casino, you’ll have to create an account before you’re eligible to play this type of game. If you’re using a land-based casino, you may well have to sign up to their mailing list before you can use a free tournament. However, this is well worth it for a free game or two! The only downside to completely free slot tournaments is that the prize pool to entries ratio is really low. Often, thousands of players will compete for a prize pool worth a couple of hundred pounds or less.

Buy in with Loyalty Points: The second type of freeroll tournament requires you to spend loyalty points on the buy-in. As you’re not using cash, this type of tournament is still classed as ‘free’. The great thing about these is that they’re usually more exclusive with a larger prize pool. The only catch to this type of freeroll is that you need to spend real money on slots to earn enough loyalty points to participate.

VIP Tournaments

The final type of slot tournament is the VIP tournament. To be eligible for this type of tournament, you have to be invited. Normally, you’ll need to achieve a certain status in the casino’s loyalty program to get invited to play. The great thing about VIP tournaments is that the prize pools are usually large compared to the number of players. The only downside is that you’ll need to spend a lot of real money at the casino to achieve the necessary VIP status.

How to Enter

Before participating in any type of slot tournament you’ll need to create an account. This is the same for both real money tournaments and freerolls. In most cases, creating an account is simple; you’ll just need to enter a few details such as your name, contact number, home address, and email. If you’re playing in a buy-in tournament, you’ll need to make a deposit before you can begin. To do this, visit the casino’s banking section and fund your account with the required amount. If you’re using a land-based casino, the rules may differ slightly. Instead of creating an account, you may have to sign up to their mailing list before getting involved – particularly if you’re using a freeroll tournament.

Tips and Tricks

Much like regular slot play, there’s not much strategy involved in slot machine tournaments. However, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of winning. Below, we explore a few tips and tricks to help you succeed.

Hit the Spin Button as Fast as Possible

As many slot tournaments are timed, it’s best to use all of your credits within the given time frame. To do this, you’ll need to hit the spin button as quickly as possible. The goal is to use all of your credits before the final buzzer so that you don’t waste any chances.

Get Your Rest & Take Care of Everything Beforehand

While hitting spin again and again may sound easy, it can be quite taxing over the course of 30 minutes. To perform at your best, be sure to get enough sleep and take care of yourself before a tournament; for instance, make sure you’ve had enough to eat, and you stay hydrated.

Ignore the Scoreboard

During a slot tournament, you may be tempted to check the scoreboard. However, avoid this if possible! Checking the scoreboard is a waste of precious time and may cost you in the long run. Whilst you’re playing, don’t worry about the score. Checking it won’t improve your chances of winning, it will only decrease them by slowing you down!

In Summary

To increase your chance of winning a slot tournament, consider practising online prior to the event. With new betting sites appearing each day, it can be difficult to pick the best one. Thankfully, we’re here to help. At, we review a range of casinos and games to let you know which ones are best. Additionally, we take offers and promotions into account to help you get the most for your money. As always, it’s important to consider your financial situation before using an online or land-based casino.

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