Myths About Casinos

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When used responsibly, casino gambling is an exciting pastime. However, believing unhelpful myths and misconceptions is guaranteed to ruin the evening. The idea that you can predict the outcome of a slot or that certain tables lead to big wins are just a few of the common myths about casinos. In this article, we explore these misconceptions in more detail.

The Biggest Casinos are in Las Vegas

Many people believe that the largest casinos in the world are found in Las Vegas. However, this is actually untrue. While Las Vegas has a prominent gambling scene, the biggest casinos are actually found in Macao, China. The largest casinos in the world, The Venetian and The City of Dreams Resort, are both found in Macao. Towering over the Bellagio and the MGM Grand in Vegas, the casinos attract visitors from all over the world. In Vegas, the largest casino is the MGM Grand. In total, the venue has a surface area of 120,000 square feet; the Venetian, on the other hand, measures just over 546,000 square feet.

Your Chances of Winning at Roulette are 50/50

If you choose to bet on black or red in roulette, you may assume that your chances of winning are 50/50. However, this isn’t strictly true. Although there is an equal number of black and red pockets, the American roulette board also includes two green spaces. If the ball lands on one of these, you will automatically lose the spin. Essentially, this means that your chances of winning are reduced to 47.74%.

If you’re playing European roulette, your chances of winning are slightly higher. This is because the board only has one green space, as opposed to two. With this in mind, your chances of winning either black or red are 48.6%.

Big Winners Get Special Treatment

Another common myth is that big winners get special treatment. Just like all businesses, casino owners are trying to maximise their profits. As big winners are bad for business, it’s unlikely that they’ll receive any kind of special treatment. In some casinos, however, the luxury hotel suites are reserved for the big spenders. Instead of rewarding big wins, the casino rewards their continued custom. Just like any business does, casinos offer incentives to hold onto high spenders.

Some casinos even offer a loyalty program. Typically, customers can collect points for each pound they spend in the casino. Eventually, these can be exchanged for luxury prizes including experience days, hotel stays, or access to exclusive areas of the casino.

You Can Predict the Outcome of a Slot

Unfortunately, the ability to predict the outcome of a slot is a myth. To ensure that the outcome is completely random, all slot machines use a Random Number Generator, or RNG for short. As soon as the player enters the game, the RNG starts spitting out series of numbers. When the player presses the ‘spin’ button, the RNG stops on a random number. This number will determine the outcome of the game.

Card Counting is Illegal

A type of advantage gambling, card counting is used to sway the outcome of a card game. Most commonly used in blackjack, players use the strategy to determine whether to hit or stay on the next round. Although card counting isn’t illegal, it’s still against the rules of most casinos. As casinos are privately run businesses, they reserve the rights to ban players if they are caught cheating.

There are Magnets inside Roulette Balls

To ensure the game is totally fair, roulette balls are usually made from Teflon. Despite the stereotype that casinos are run by devious criminals, most of them are very respectful of gambling rules and regulations. Casino equipment is checked regularly to ensure it functions as fairly as possible.

The Casino Always Wins

Some people believe that casinos take advantage of their customers, and disguise their recurrent wins as “good luck”. However, this is nothing more than a myth. If evidence of foul play or corruption was found, the casino would be shut down immediately. With this in mind, it just isn’t worth the risk. Although the house edge is high on most games, players can still leave with thousands of pounds in their pocket.

Certain Tables Lead to Big Wins

A popular misconception is that certain tables are hot, while others are cold. In other words, you’re more likely to win or certain tables and lose on others. The only indicator of your chances of winning are the odds. If the odds are the same, you’re no more likely to win on one table than on another. Centred around proportionality, the odds are calculated using mathematics. Every time the dice are rolled, the odds of winning are exactly the same as the time before.

In Summary

Despite popular belief, casinos take gambling rules and regulations very seriously. If caught cheating, the establishment would be shut down immediately. With this in mind, even if the casino wanted to con its customers, it just wouldn’t be worth the risk. With new casinos appearing every day, the competition is fierce. While the high number of casinos gives you a broad choice, it can be difficult to decide which one to use. Thankfully, we are here to help. At, we review a wide range of casinos and games so that we can let you know which ones to play at. Better still, we always take into account any bonuses and promotions to help you get the most for your money. Due to the addictive nature of gambling, it’s important to consider your financial situation before using an online or physical casino.

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