The 5 Most Misplayed Hands in Blackjack

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While some people think Blackjack is a game of chance, others use strategies to increase their chances of winning. As every hand has a statistical probability, playing strategically could help you to win big. However, nobody can get it right every time. Even experienced gamblers can misplay hands. In most circumstances, this results in frustration and disappointment, particularly if there’s a lot of money on the line. In this article, we explore the 5 most misplayed hands in Blackjack.

A Pair of 9s Versus 9

If you’ve got a hard 18 and the dealer shows a 9, you may be tempted to stand. However, you’ll have a better chance of winning if you split your hand, instead. If you play the hard 18 against the dealers 9, your chances of winning are 8 out of 20. While these odds aren’t bad, you could increase them further by splitting the hand. If you split the 9s, your chances of winning for each hand are 9.5 out of 20. This means that you’re increasing the odds by 1.5 by splitting. Statistically speaking, this means it’s a better idea to split on a pair of 9s rather than stand.

12 Against 3

If the dealer shows a 3, instinct may tell you to stand. While this is often the right choice, there are some exceptions. If you’ve got a 12, the only way you can bust is by drawing a 10 or one of the face cards. With this in mind, you’re likely to secure a high hand if you hit. Additionally, 3 isn’t as weak as many people think. The chances of the dealer going bust are not that high when compared to other low cards, so if you decide to stand you’re likely to lose the game. To get one last shot of winning, roll the dice with a hit!

Hard 16 Versus 10

A hard 16 is one of the worst hands to get in Blackjack, particularly if the dealer shows a high card. If you stand, there is little chance of winning, and if you hit, there is a high chance of going bust. In some casinos, you have the option to surrender. In this case, you will lose 50% of your bet but keep the remaining half. If this is an option, it’s best to do it. Although you’ll be losing half your bet, it’s betting than losing all your winnings by hitting or standing. Essentially, surrendering is the safest option. However, some casinos don’t allow players to surrender. If this is the case, don’t panic – you’ve still got a few options. If your hand contains a hard 16, your best bet is to hit. Although there’s still a chance of you going bust, your chance of losing is marginally smaller than if you decide to stand. If your hand is made up of smaller cards, you’re better off standing. As the small cards have already been played, you’re likely to get a high card if you choose to hit. As your total is already 16, this means that you’ll probably bust.

Soft 18 Against 9 or Above

If you’ve got an 18, you may be inclined to stand. However, that’s not always the best decision. While it’s true that 18 is a strong hand, it’s not the best. Statistically, there’s a good chance that you’ll lose if you don’t increase it, particularly if the dealer is showing a 9 or above. If you’ve got a soft 18, it’s actually safe to hit. If you stand, your chances of winning are 8 out of 20. If you can hit without going bust, you can increase that percentage to 9 out of 20. With this in mind, you’ve got nothing to lose. If you’ve got a hard 18, however, you’re better off standing.

Pair of 8s Against 10

In many cases, a hard 16 is one of the words hands you can get dealt. However, if you’ve got a pair of 8s then there is a way out. If the dealer is showing a 10 or above, players are often hesitant to split their hand. In this case, however, you’re more likely to lose if you stick with a 16. When up against a 10, a hard 16 has a 23% chance of winning. If you split the hand to create a pair of 8s, that percentage increases to 38%. With this in mind, always split against the dealers 10 if you’ve got a pair of 8s.

In Summary

To increase your chances of winning, try using strategic play in Blackjack. To avoid disappointment, make sure to pay attention when the above hands come up. Instead of going with your first instinct, take time to assess the situation and make the right choice. The same rules apply whether you’re playing online or in-house, so pay attention to increase your chances of winning.

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