Top 5 Casino Movies

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Arguably one of the most popular settings for any movie has got to be a casino. There’s nothing cooler than the elegance and class of a casino set against a thrilling plot where everything rides on the results of one game of chance.

The setting of a casino is really something that keeps an audience on the edge of their seat throughout and with that in mind we’ve picked out some of the best movies that are set in a casino.

Casino Royale (2006)

It wouldn’t be a list of casino movies unless the daddy of them all made an appearance. An exciting re-make of the original 1967 film of the same name, Casino Royale saw the reboot of the James Bond franchise that gave us a gritty and serious Bond as he battled wits with the dangerous Le Chiffre.

With big names like Daniel Craig and Mads Mikkelsen in the lead roles, it’s a rollercoaster of action and emotion from start to finish that any casino movie fan worth their salt needs to have seen.

Fear and Loathing in Last Vegas

Directed by Monty Python star and based on the cult novel of the same name, this movie starred Jonny Depp as the legendary journalist Hunter S Thompson. It follows Thompson on a crazy drug fuelled psychedelic adventure in Las Vegas that perfectly captures the dangerous and explicit side of Las Vegas instead of the ‘American Dream’ version that we’re used to.


Martin Scorsese directed this masterpiece that perfectly captured the two-faced nature of Las Vegas. Comparing its glitzy glamorous side with the lesser seen brutal side of high roller dealings and brutal mob influence.

The story follows the life of Sam Rothenstein played by Robert De Niro as his life is disrupted by the arrival of an old friend turned mafia figure. With murder, money and deception at every turn this movie shows that being a casino gangster is not all it’s cracked up to be.


Before Kevin Spacey’s fall from grace he starred in an exciting movie where he took the role of an unorthodox maths professor that took his class on a trip to Las Vegas.

Now that may not sound too exciting at first, where the interesting twist comes in is that his class were there to count cards and in one weekend they managed to pull in hundreds of thousands of dollars. But things go awry, and the students end up in quite the sticky situation.


Matt Damon plays Mike McDermott a law student that’s a poker ace. But after losing all his money to Russian mobsters he gets out of the game, that is until a childhood friend ends up in deep debt to the wrong people. So, McDermott has to get back in and win big before it’s too late.

If you consider yourself a fan of casino movies, then you definitely need to put these on your watch list.

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