UK EuroMillions Winner wants to Sue Lotto

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The youngest EuroMillions winner in Britain is claiming that the jackpot win ruined her life. In 2013, Jane Park pocketed £1million at the age of 17. At the time, the lucky teen was overjoyed and couldn’t wait to start splashing her new found riches. However, Jane, now 21, is now considering legal action against Lotto for negligence. In this article, we explore her story in more detail.

Who is Jane Park?

Jane Park bagged £1million after buying her first ever lottery ticket. As she was just 17 years old at the time, it made her Britain’s youngest EuroMillions winner. Since her big win, she has splashed out on a host of luxury items including holidays, cars, clothes, and even plastic surgery. Before winning the lottery, Jane had been working as an admin temp for £8 per hour and was living in a 2 bedroom council flat with her mum, Linda. Before deciding to sue Lotto, Jane had spoken to the Sunday People about how stressful being a millionaire really was. Jane remarked that although she had material things, her life felt empty. She also commented that she assumed the win would make her life ten times better, but it had actually made it ten times worse. She confessed that most days she wished she had no money and feels her life would be easier if she hadn’t won.

What Did She Spend Her Money On?

To ease the stress of her new lifestyle, Jane immediately splashed out on luxury items including £25,000 BMW, a £17,000 VW Beetle and a £18,000 Range Rover. To honour her football heroes, she chose to spend extra to get her Range Rover in a custom purple shade. In addition to her car collection, Jane pur-chased plenty of designer clothes which she instantly showed off on Instagram. A few days after her win, the 17-year-old quit her job and booked a 2-month holiday to the party destination, Magaluf. Although the teen also purchased 2 properties, she has returned to live with her mother after complaining that liv-ing alone was hard work. Jane still enjoys luxury holidays a few times a year with her friends, with recent destinations including the Maldives and the USA. However, Jane confessed that she prefers cheaper hol-idays to five-star resorts. Jane commented: “I don’t go on holiday that much, about four times a year,” she said. “I wait until my friends can go. And although I’ve been to the Maldives I much prefer Benidorm because nobody is looking down at you. You can get as drunk as you want. In the Maldives, you can’t go and get absolutely hammered.” It wasn’t just physical items that Jane splashed out on; shortly after scooping the jackpot, the 17-year-old booked herself a £4,500 boob job, and also had lip fillers and Botox.

Is She Suing Lotto?

5 years after her win, Jane is now considering suing the lottery staff for negligence. She believes that a 17-year-old should never have been allowed to win and that the minimum age should be increased. Jane told the Sunday People that she is “sick of shopping for designer items”, “struggling to find a genuine boy-friend who isn’t after her money”, “missing her Benidorm holidays because the upmarket resorts are too snobby”, and “burdened with the stress of being a millionaire”. Shortly after her win, Jane’s grandmother commented that Lotto may as well have given her a gun. At the time, Jane didn’t understand where her grandmother was coming from and believed that winning the jackpot would change her life for the bet-ter. Now, the 21-year-old understands that her grandmother was purely stating that you can’t give a 17-year-old that amount of cash. A few days after her win, Camelot, who run EuroMillions in the UK, ap-pointed Jane an advisor to help her manage her prize money. However, Jane now insists that they pro-vided no help whatsoever, and it was only her family who stopped her blowing all the cash. Jane com-mented to the Sunday People: “I’ve read about other lottery winners who’ve just blown it all and I can totally see how it can be done. I was stuck in front of a financial adviser who was using words like invest-ment bonds. I had no clue what they meant.”

Despite Janes accusations, Camelot claims that they have offered her support numerous times since her win. They said: “We have been in touch with Jane from time to time since her win to offer ongoing sup-port. It is always up to the winners as to whether they want to take up that support. We will continue to support Jane in any way we can if that is what decides she wants.” Camelot also stated that the minimum age limit to play the lottery is not their decision, instead, it is a matter for Parliament to decide.

In Summary

When Jane Park bagged the £1million prize money back in 2013, she couldn’t have been happier about it. Starring in her own TV documentary, the teen was excited to show off the new lifestyle that Lotto had given her. After blowing a large percentage of the cash, she is now claiming that the company have ru-ined her life. Jane believes that without her family, she would have blown all of the prize money. Thank-fully, she invested a percentage of it in 2 properties and now calls herself a developer. Whether Jane is serious about suing Camelot is unclear, but the company insist that they are still willing to offer the 21-year-old any support she needs.

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