What Type of Blackjack Player Are You?

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Most blackjack players fall into one of seven categories: ‘Hall of Fame’ Players, who aim to influence the game enough to secure a place in the Blackjack Hall of Fame; Statistical players, who use mathematics to make informed decisions; Bold players, who are known for their considerable risk-taking; Observant players, who enjoy sitting back and watching the show; Quiet beginners, who are just getting started; The Drunks, who often have one too many; and the Professionals, who have no problem with winning at your expense. In this article, we explore the categories in more detail.

‘Hall of Fame’ Players

Over the years, certain players have made a name for themselves in the gambling industry. Much like pop singers and movie stars, blackjack has its own ‘Hall of Fame’ which contains some of the most influential players of all time. Every year, new players gain entry into the hall of fame; in most cases, these players are not only experts at the game but they’ve also contributed to it culturally. ‘Hall of Fame’ players have an interest in the culture and history of blackjack from the beginning. Over the years, they become seduced by the card game and dedicate their life to playing and winning. Many of these players then go onto win some of the most important tournaments around the world, securing themselves a place in the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

Statistical Players

Known as the Godfather of card counting, the prestigious Edward O is a regular face at key blackjack events. With a passion for mathematics, the figure is a card counting expert and wrote a book in the 1960s which changed blackjack forever. His phenomenal memory and love for statistics make him a good example of a statistical player. This type of player is skilled in calculating probabilities and will often invent their own game techniques to use during play. Typically, these are the players to keep an eye on because they have the ability to redefine the game.

Bold Players

Bold players are known to take considerable risks. Because of this, they are often the most feared. They have an aggressive playstyle ladened with determination. Even though they make risky choices, they never appear vulnerable. Throughout the game, they’ll always seem in control – even if they’re losing. As well as placing large bets, bold players enjoy provoking their opponents into slipping up. Although their risks may not always pay off, they remain cool, calm and collected as they move onto the next deck. Because of their bold risk-taking and overwhelming passion, bold players can be the most fun to watch as a spectator.

Observant Players

Unlike bold players, observant players are happy to sit back and watch the table without betting. When they feel the time is right, they choose to participate in the game and finally place a bet. Years ago, observant gameplay was fairly common; however, players that fall into this category are becoming rarer due to many casinos prohibiting this type of play. As observant players don’t place their bet until later on, they get to monitor how the game is going before risking their money. Conventional casinos now see this as an advantage and have introduced rules to minimise this. As the style acts directly against the principles of fair play, it’s now seen to be disrespectful to the game and the other players.


Beginners will often spend time watching the game before getting involved. Unlike observant players, they don’t attempt to place bets halfway through a game; instead, they wait until the next one begins. As this doesn’t give them an advantage, there is no problem with this technique. Essentially, they are just getting to grips with the rules before getting involved. When they do choose to participate, they often make small bets without touching the side bets. As they are new to the game, they often remain quiet instead of interacting with their opponents. While they’re doing nothing wrong, the casino doesn’t like this type of player. Typically, beginners come in with £100 or less and walk away with a small loss after spending hours watching the game. While the casino normally makes a profit, it’s so small that it doesn’t even pay the dealer.

Drunk Players

Technically, casinos aren’t allowed to let drunk gamblers play. However, most casinos can’t get enough of them! In their drunken state, these players usually spend a large sum of cash during their visit. In most cases, the drunker they get, the more they spend! After a few drinks, gambling strategies normally go out of the window. Instead of playing the game strategically, drunk gamblers will splash their cash willy nilly. Additionally, they love the high odds side bets and have no problem chatting to anyone that walks past.

Professional Players

Professional blackjack players are the experts in their field. In most cases, these players have a wealth of experience in counting. Not only can they count correctly, but they can also keep track of multiple side bets to bring in extra cash. Additionally, they’re able to keep up a professional image. Professional players will celebrate their successes in a suitable manner, and keep their disappointment under wraps when luck isn’t on their side. While they have a friendly persona, professional players will win at your expense. If you manage to spot one, it might be worth switching tables for the time being!

In Summary

Next time you’re at the casino, keep your eyes open for the different types of blackjack players. Chances are, you’ll be able to spot them if you look carefully! If you want to improve your game before hitting the casino, take time to practice online. Unlike physical establishments, online casinos offer bets from as little as 1p. This means that you can hone your craft without breaking the bank.

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